"Fancy Pants for Plants" offers hand-made, one-of-a-kind ceramic planters with succulents personally selected to compliment the pots they are in.

Saggar-fired-big-table-and-4-chairsThis is the home of small (1-3 inches tall) hand-made, original, ceramic succulent planters, known as Fancy Pants for Plants.  My purpose in creating these is to bring a spirit of playfulness into the lives of their owners and to the people who give them to their friends, family, loved ones or co-workers.

I hope you enjoy them!  (Rumor has it that the succulents do.)

You will also find relevant articles, information on the care of succulents, featuring different plants monthly, as well a tips on growing them in the blog section of this site.  Your comments are welcome.

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"I have an extensive collection of succulents and planters for them, and I have never seen anything so cute and original as these Fancy Pants for Plants! These little guys make me smile every time I see them."

Becky Mendocha, 2013

What a creative array!  I've started a collection, because invariably a friend comes to visit and falls in love with one of my Fancy Pants for Plants and I wind up giving it as a gift. These little planters make me smile.  I love the "attitudes"  that the "pants" have. The bistro sets are just darling—those little "vases" with "flowers"?  Too cute!

I've had a collection of cacti for many years, and I must also say that some of these succulents are unusual.  So they are interesting from that perspective also.  I've gotten some succulents that are not commonly found here in Southern California, and they always just match the little pots perfectly.

Jennifer Duke, Pasadena, CA

My sister got me a "Bistro Set" for the holidays and it's outside on our patio table - it looks just perfect there!  And is so cute! "

Ilene Tillman, Florida

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